Ford Is Bringing A Mysterious New ST Car (Or SUV?) To Detroit

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Ford released a cryptic new teaser with the former Top Gear Stig Ben Collins hinting at a new ST model. What the hell could it be?


Here’s the video teaser:

It seems reasonable to rule out an “ST” Ford GT, F-150 or Mustang. We’re also pretty sure the U.S. is not getting the new Fiesta, so it’s probably not that. It’s not the Ford Transit. I had a long, hard look at that trunk line. Is it a Fusion ST? It could be a SUV? Explorer or Escape or Edge? Is Ford going to drop the mic with a hot new Ranger ST, right out of the gate?

Ehh, it may be none of those. There have been reports that the Focus is due for an update this year, so it seem most reasonably to just be a hot new Focus ST. This may be vital in Ford saving face over taking the Fiesta away from us. Though, the clip does say it’s an addition, which could be a hint that it’s not a model we’ve seen with an ST badge before.

There’s really no way to know what this mystery ST is until the show! I personally hope it’s a Ranger ST.

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Margin Of Error

Hopefully it’s a Transit Connect ST with center exhaust, snowflake wheels and 4 Recaro bucket seats inside.