Falconers can rejoice because the days of stuffing their birds into their carry-on luggage are behind them. Lufthansa apparently offers an on-board solution for the hordes of falconers traveling by air, and it only costs other people their seats.

It’s called the Falcon Master and it isn’t new, but it’s worth talking about now because we are always thinking of the falcons.

Everything for the falcons.

The Falcon Master, according to Lufthansa, is a patented bird stand (a patented bird stand!) for the birds during the flight. Of the plane, not the falcons.


There’s a big tray under the perch to catch all of the falcon’s shit, so the airplane cabin stays nice and clean, and if the falconer desires, bird feeders and cleaning materials can also be provided.

The Falcon Master can be installed above the folded seats used in Airbus, Boeing and other planes, because falcon transport is obviously much more important than people transport. Installation is quick and fast and the perch stores easily when it’s not being used.


With this clever little device, Lufthansa has no doubt taken over the falcon transport corner of the aviation industry. It was sorely needed.

(h/t to Kas!)