I Am Absolutely Mesmerized By This Bedazzled Lamborghini Huracán

Screengrab via Youtube/Vinceri UK
Screengrab via Youtube/Vinceri UK

When I see things like bedazzled iPhone cases, I scoff because they look like trash. But this bedazzled Lamborghini Huracán? This is very much my shit.

First of all, it’s bedazzled from nose to goddamn tail. They did not half-ass this job. The bedazzling is not an afterthought or accessory here. It’s the main attraction. The level of commitment demands respect.

The sparkling Lamborghini belongs to one Daria Radionova, who, after a quick scroll through her Instagram, seems to have thing for bedazzling cars.


This job was completed by Vinceri UK, a Swarovski crystal customization company. There are 1.3 million Swarovski crystals on the Lamborghini, according to Motor 1. And if you take a peek at Vinceri’s build video, it really seems like all of them were laid down by hand.

The finished product is quite breathtaking.

Look, this kind of customization might not be your thing. I certainly didn’t think it was mine. But now that I have seen it, I love it. It’s like if Dorothy got a car to match her shoes! It’s wonderful!

Here’s another video of it parked on the street. I just want to scream at the pedestrians not to touch the freaking car. Don’t touch what doesn’t belong to you! Why is this so hard? I’d guess that the crystals are attached pretty securely, but you still don’t want some rando messing it up.

Someone get me a hot glue gun and a baggie of crystals. I think Raph’s Beetle is in need of some bedazzling.

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