Holy Crap You Have To See This Ridiculous Commercial For The Fuel Shark

Everyone remembers the Fuel Shark, right? A ridiculous blue glowing buttplug that you’re supposed to stick in your car’s 12V socket to get better gas mileage but in reality does nothing? We exposed these jackasses a while ago, more than once. Somehow, though, I missed this YouTube video advertising them, and, once you watch it (well, the first part), you’ll see why I regret not having seen it sooner.


Here, watch:

Is that guy not just perfect? The hair, the clothes, the chain, the voice, the face! You’d think it was some half-assed parody, but it seems to be real? I mean, there’s nothing being actually said that would suggest any winking parody, and it goes on to show a full, horseshit-laden FuelShark ad afterwards.

I think this ad was made earnestly. Who is that guy? How does this not make anyone immediately think scam, run!?

Also, remember: these things are total scams, and it’s worth remembering that—not for you, our smart, loyal readers, but to your poor, sweet delusional friends who might not care enough about cars to know better.

These guys are still in business, after all. Presumably, some people still buy this shit? And that’s not just with terrible ads like the above there, it’s with careful website design that includes testimonials from such trusted people as the Local Male Name quintuplets and their friend, Local Female Name:

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This can’t work, right? How do these fuckers still exist?

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I have a dozen of them in my car, have to stop every 50km or so to drain the gas tank before it overflows