We already know the 2019 BMW 8 Series is going to sound good, but we only had a vague idea if it looked good. Pictures have now leaked on BMW site Bimmerpost.com, however, and we can see it in much of its glory.

The two pictures from forum user BMWFreaky show a brand new 8 Series appearing to get a final prep of some sort, and you can see much of the good stuff. In the first three-quarter view, it’s reminiscent of the 6 Series it replaces, but weirdly it doesn’t look like a clone of the BMW 8 Series concept from last year. It’s been smoothed out, and it looks less pinched in the front:


From the rear, I’m getting a Lexus LC500 vibe, and what with the LEDs and everything it all looks verrrrry swanky:

If I’m not mistaken, this 850i is also an xDrive all-wheel-drive example as well.

We’re likely also getting a four-door 8 Series “Gran Coupe,” as BMW likes to call them, and hopefully we’ll be getting a V12 like the BMW 850i from the days of yore. Hell, we’re already getting an M8 GTE race car, so I don’t see why not.


Rumor is that the new 8 Series will go on sale this summer, so expect a Geneva Motor Show or New York Auto Show debut, if it is going to hit the show circuit.


Head on over to Bimmerpost for more.

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