Despite only just recently getting to see the revival of the BMW 8 Series in concept form, it won’t be too long until we see the real deal, which should be a sweet deal considering what’s been spotted rolling around the Nürburgring lately.


Two new videos reveal what is soon to be the production 8 Series hardtop coupe blasting its way through the German countryside. From the sound of things, it may be some sort of M-model of the new sports car, but here’s hoping every trim sounds this good.

The second video shows BMW is also already testing a convertible version of the new 8 Series, something that was never officially available on the original car.

Of course that shouldn’t be too surprising considering this new 8 Series is really more of a replacement to the outgoing modern 6 Series, and not so much an ode to the classic 8 Series. I say, if they tone down the kidneys on the concept car just a touch, the new 8 should still be a damn fine car.

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