Explore The Wilderness With Some Class For A Change In This Mercedes X-Class Camper

All Images: Mercedes-Benz

The new Mercedes X-Class truck is finally real and, today, Mercedes unveiled some classy ways for you to use it, like when you’re camping in the Carpathian Mountains.

The camper concepts, made the third-party companies Tischer and VanEssa will be shown off next week at a trade show in Stuttgart, Germany. Both were designed specifically for the X-Class. The one made by Tischer, pictured above, is a little bulky by my reckoning, but the kit designed by VanEssa seems pretty slick:


“From the Scottish Highlands to remote passes through Romania’s Carpathian Mountains to sunrises at the Plage Blanche in Morocco: camping has become an adventure and a chance to enjoy nature to the fullest,” a press release from Mercedes says, and they’re not wrong.

The VanEssa kit includes cold storage, in addition to everything you’d need to cook while in the great outdoors; the lid can even prop itself at a 45-degree angle for easier access to the X-Class’s bed.


Let’s go back to the Tischer, though, for a moment, which looks better from a distance. Headroom inside is a comfortable two meters, or over six feet, which is good for tall people like me. It also has a shower, stove, and enough space for two beds.


Mercedes also released photos of their Marco Polo line of vans also designed for glampy travel. It comes with a fancy sound system, among other things:

What is particularly interesting for campers: the Jehnert sound system offers a choice of two sound set-ups. With the “Driving” set-up, the music is specifically aimed in the direction of the driver and front passenger; with the “Living” set-up, the sound is additionally extended to the rear of the vehicle.


The X-Class is available in Europe now, and might enter other markets in the future, though Mercedes has said that it probably won’t be coming to America, meaning that if you want to truly camp in style you’ll have to cross the Atlantic.

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