Billionaire Elon Musk Is Arming 20,000 Of His Followers With Flamethrowers (Updated)

Screenshots via Instagram
Screenshots via Instagram

The billionaire who cosplays as a Bond villain and claims artificial intelligence will be the end of mankind is arming 20,000 of his devoted followers with flamethrowers on a Saturday evening.

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Musk had an answer prepared for those who expressed concerns over safety, claiming the flamethrowers he is selling to his devoted followers are legal under ATF specifications because the flame is “shorter than 10 feet,” claiming we should be more alarmed by a person armed with a steak knife.

Soon, orders of flamethrowers potentially capable of shooting a flame up to 10 feet will be shipped out to 20,000 people via a billionaire’s mining company, of which the greatest accomplishment leading up to the sale of flamethrowers has been the sale of hats and alleged workplace violations, in a claimed effort to battle an impending zombie apocalypse. The NRA will likely respond by suggesting you purchase your own flamethrower for protection.

Musk spent Saturday evening and Sunday morning jovially publishing videos of him brandishing the flamethrower on Instagram and regularly tweeting out how many thousands of weapons had been sold.


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