Your Truly Deranged Tales Of How Far You've Gone For A Car

 Image credit: yodacode43
Image credit: yodacode43
CountersteerYour true stories of good and bad things that happen in cars.

The people who don’t understand, they say things like, “It’s just a car,” “Just buy a new one,” or “Why are you doing this to yourself?” They don’t get that cars aren’t just useless hunks of metal. They’re also teachers, man.

Last year, I asked you guys for the furthest you’ve ever gone for a car. It could have been anything: distance, money, time spent. Anything.


It’s kind of funny how these things happen: that, around a lifeless piece of machinery, we learn so much about ourselves and the people in our lives. Here are some of those lessons.

A Year Well Spent (daswulfkralle)

Makes everyone else’s car buying process seem easy.

Blood Money (Scary__goongala!)

No, literally: it was paid for in blood.


Lifer (yodacode43)

This is a car your grandkids will talk about.


FSAE (8695Beaters)

That can act as a college major and a friend, right?


Cold (Jerry Aguirre)

But at least the car’s good.


Itchy (yourinductionseemsforced)

If you have an itch you have to scratch it.


Keeper (TurboAllTheCars)

Both the girl and the car.


Audi (matt)

The Audi makes it worth it.


Track (M35bruh)

Physical discomfort aside, still made it!


When Disaster Strikes (chucchinchilla)

Now I’m curious what car this was. Anyone have any guesses?

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Yodacode43's orange Jetta:

Car problems, sideswiped, killed twice.... blah blah blah.

All that matters is that beautiful 70's European orange. And the headlights. And the wheels. This car makes me feel things!