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Imagine taking an off-road truck, lowering it, and fattening it with a wild widebody kit that looks like it’s supposed to go on a drift car. Actually, it might be kind of awesome. Maybe this many wrongs make a right.

This absurd illustration of one really weird way to treat a Ford Raptor was shared by Pandem Rocket Bunny this week, and the real truck will apparently make an appearance at the Toyo Tires stand at the 2018 Tokyo Auto Show alongside Ken Block’s Hoonicorn V2 and BJ Baldwin’s trophy truck.


At least, I hope these pictures are illustrations. It sure would be scary to see this thing driving without any brake calipers.

Anyway, the company that makes these body kits is probably best known for the Nissan 240SX front end which turns the Japanese coupe into kind of a compact muscle car. If you haven’t seen that, you really should take a look. Check out tra-kyoto’s website too, while you’re at it. And make sure your headphones are on.

The Nissan kit is iconoclastic and lovely. This Raptor kit is, well, at least one of those things.


In a way, it seems as contrived and intentionally offensive as late-1990s Marilyn Manson. But I have to admit, I kind of dig it.


The Pandem Raptor looks so overtly oxymoronic and fictional that I just want to raise hell all over some dystopian city in it. Really, it’s just a more aesthetically extreme execution of Vaugh Gittin Jr.’s “Ultimate Fun Haver,” and I’m not going to argue with that kind of lunacy.

Screw it, let’s put all-terrain tires on a Mustang next. Actually...

Hat tip to Paulo!

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