Watch The New Ford GT Absolutely Destroy A Car And Driver Lightning Lap At VIR

Image: YouTube/Car and Driver

The newest Ford GT has already achieved a nearly mythical status due to its wild looks, weird as hell aerodynamics and sheer exclusivity. It’s also no secret that it’s freaking fast: 647 horsepower out out of a twin-turbo V6 is not going to be lethargic.

Car and Driver was unable to secure a Ford GT for its Lightning Lap event last year. Later on, Ford called back and said that it had one of their EcoBoost spaceships finally ready for some track testing. This is a call I’m still waiting on myself.


The GT proceeded to blast down every straight and turner at VIR. The driver’s helmet camera showed it reaching speeds of over 160 mph. It ate every corner like it was at a Las Vegas buffet and its gym membership just expired.

In the end, the GT set a time of exactly 2:43. That makes it both faster than the Mercedes-AMG GT R (2:43:4) and the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE (2:45:7) when C/D tested them.

That’s fine. It’s all fine.

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