The new 2018 BMW X2 compact crossover, was publicly unveiled today at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, and examples will probably waste no time in multiplying like rabbits within the garages of suburbanites everywhere. There is no doubt in my mind that it will sell in droves, but the best thing about it is that at least BMW is done pretending with it.


The people who buy this car won’t be interested in the responsiveness of the steering, how the brakes feel or how the engine works. Well, some might, but the vast majority don’t care one bit. But they do care deeply about the blue and white BMW badges.

Which is why BMW’s addition of two extra badges on the C-pillars of the X2 is the most appropriate design element to add to the thing.

Foolishly I, at first, scoffed at the additional logos because I thought they were for the owners. What, did they need another badge on the profile of the car in case they forgot what kind it was during the short walk from the hood to the trunk? I asked no one in particular, utterly perplexed.


Those two C-pillar-mounted badges are not for the owners, actually. I realized this after some thought. They are, in fact, for everyone else who might glance at the car while driving or walking by it. Real-estate wise, the front and rear of the X2 take up way less visual room than the entire length of it, so a badge must be placed there, lest the neighbors briefly need reminding that you own a Bavarian Motor Works vehicle.

We need a little more honesty like this. Good on you, BMW. Giving the People what they want.


A badge.


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