2018 BMW X2: I Dunno About This One Guys

When the BMW X5 happened, I said alright, sure. Then came the X3. Again, I said, fine. After that, we got the X6. Uh, OK. I’ll play along. My head is still spinning from the X1 and the X4 and now there’s an all-new X2 coming and I’m like, ahhh you guys sure about this one?


To be clear, the car doesn’t look bad, especially in that goldish yellow paint. And on paper it sounds just fine: it’ll launch with a turbodiesel engine, good for 192 horsepower, all-wheel drive and an eight-speed auto. We probably won’t get the diesel, but there are turbocharged four-cylinder variants in the pipeline as well.

It’ll slot in above the X1, so you can expect it to cost more than $33,750. And besides the fact that crossovers are the big moneymakers right now, my question is why. Why do we need this? It accomplishes the same thing that the X1 does, it will just be more expensive. Whatever keeps the lights on, I suppose.

Anyway, if you do wind up getting this thing, I’d strongly suggest opting out of that piece of wraparound cladding strip that runs along the car’s bottom. It’s busy-looking and tacky.


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