Large Trucks Thwarted By Sand Dune

There is something strangely but deeply fascinating about seeing huge off-road race trucks get completely caught up by a large sand dune.


The Dakar Rally’s massive sand dunes are no joke. About 30 vehicles got stuck at this one a few days ago, according to’s Twan Spierts, who posted this video from rally navigator Arjan Arendse on Twitter.


It’s such a weirdly gripping thing to watch. You believe in the trucks. They’ve got momentum. They’re really attacking this big dune! But then they grind to a halt just before the top. Then several stuck trucks who’ve tried to make it over all at once suddenly have to figure out how to back up without hitting each other on the way down. Oops.

[H/T McNewbie!]

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I don’t understand why they go straight up rather than on a diagonal reducing the angle of attack.

Someone give me a Kamaz built for racing. I’ll show you how to do it