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Tidy Donuts Are So Much Harder Than They Look

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It’s easy to be tricked into thinking that ripping a sweet, tidy donut in the Hoonigans’ tiny parking lot is no big deal when so many guests on their Daily Transmission reels make it look so easy. Thankfully, their blooper reel of crashes and carnage proves otherwise.

The Hoonigans rounded up all of their crashes from the past year of Daily Transmission episodes, and the result is oddly reassuring. Phew: I’m not the only one who’d be worried about screwing up a good donut in that lot. It happens! And it’s not only the Hoonigan crew themselves who gets it wrong.

This lowlight review makes the flawless runs in Hoonigan’s lot look all that much more impressive, as the winner of the hard park contest will definitely make your eyes well up with tears of shame. But when off-road pro BJ Baldwin is among the list of those who ate it, you can’t feel too bad about your own lack of donut skills.

Lest we think that the Hoonigans aren’t capable of hoonage, they decided to celebrate the new year with an incredible 18-car burnout. You can keep your stupid ball surrounded by cold tourists, NYC. Give me the burnouts.