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This High-Flying Porsche Macan Race Truck Exists And Now All Is Right With The World

Photo credit: LP Racing
Photo credit: LP Racing

I have but one ask of Porsche: everything they build needs to go racing. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about the latest 911 or the new Panamera. It must go racing somewhere on principle. Otherwise, I won’t accept it as a Porsche. Behold, the Porsche Macan race truck that we all deserve.

LP Racing has been campaigning this race-prepped Porsche Macan in European rally raids, and it is glorious. Rally raids are big off-road races much like the Dakar Rally that kicks off this weekend. This Macan made its international debut at the 2016 Italian Baja race, where it made a big splash. Wait, no—several big splashes.

That’s exactly why I’ve been wanting to see a Porsche Macan go racing. Seeing people take their Macans on race tracks is cool, but Porsche’s cute little SUV truly deserved the off-road race truck treatment.

Thank you for redeeming the good name of the Macan after that one dude got stuck, good off-road jumping sirs.

Now do Dakar next, please.

[H/T Will!]


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Can we not pretend this has anything to do with a Porsche besides a marketing effort please? I mean its neat and all but this is as Macan as I am Kareem Abdul Jabbar. NOTE: These raid trucks are immeasurably cool and extremely capable, I’ve got no problem with them at all. I think its just important to call out that these aren’t remotely related to the fat hatchback made it Stuttgart.