Get Ready To See Leaked Photos Of The New Rolls-Royce SUV This Summer

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Rolls-Royce, when not content making gargantuan, hulking sedans and coupes for today’s plutocrats, is now busying itself with making gargantuan, hulking SUVs as well. While we’ve seen prototypes of the vehicle, RR will soon be revealing the Cullinan in full in private showings this summer. This only means one thing: leaks.

These will be “closed-room” events starting late summer, as Automotive News Europe reports. Rolls-Royce will deem us plebes entitled to see the not-a-truck sometime after, with sales getting going towards the end of the year and deliveries once the calendar turns over.

At least, that’s the way Rolls-Royce sees it. The problem is that the company has left out something important: the vanity of the nouveau riche.


Yes, nothing is more likely to guarantee the leaking of images of a car before its public launch like a private unveiling of a new-money automobile. No matter what Rolls-Royce does to try to confiscate everyone’s cell phone (Bah! Taking one cell phone per person? Who do they think we are?) to making people sign confidentiality agreements (Bah! A little NDA to scare us? Who do they think we are?), nothing is going to stop the idle rich from sneaking a photo to send to their buddy with the caption “Saw this before you, your pull up game weak.”