This Honda Fashion Line At Forever 21 Is... Unique

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Car brands are big fans of, well, branding, and car branding has inevitably made it into that one store with all of the cheap clothes and none of the durability expected of other stores—the one that sucked you in with low prices before its apparel emerged from the wash as a limp, disintegrated ghost of its former self.

One-use clothing items always come at a bargain, of course.

Forever 21, home of the clothing that looks really good until you turn it around and realize it says something absurdly dumb like “WIFI > PEOPLE ;-)” on the back, now has a Honda fashion line. The only thing that’s objectively good about this move is that at least the clothing won’t say ridiculous things all over it.


Not that the sayings or structural makeup of the clothing actually matter after a few trips to the washing machine, though, which is a problem for Honda—it’s hard to get branding across if all of the words are disintegrated. But the clothes scream “HONDA” for now, which means they’re doing their job.

Seriously, “HONDA” is everywhere:


Anyway, if you’re sick of paying shipping fees for obscure automotive apparel, aren’t prone to sweating a lot and dirtying up clothes often, and would rather waltz into a store to show your love for Honda’s two-wheeled racing efforts instead of buying online, Forever 21 has you covered.

And at least there aren’t store markups over MSRP at Forever 21, because unlike the Honda Civic Type R, this stuff probably won’t survive multiple washes.