This Destroyed Honda Civic Type R Is A Real Bargain If You Only Look At It From The Back

Well, would you look at that—it’s a nice, shiny 2017 Honda Civic Type R with a classy gunmetal coat. It even has the hood popped up, as to show off its peppy little four-cylinder turbo engine. What could possibly be wrong with it?


Oh, wow, um, definitely that. That’s what’s wrong with it. No doubt. This is why you always do a thorough walk around of a car before giving your opinion, even if people make fun of that sort of thing.

This Civic Type R, up for auction by an insurance company with Insurance Auto Auctions, looks like it met a pretty terrifying fate recently. It’s one of more than a handful of Type Rs—a lot of them being this lovely gunmetal color, too—to be trashed within the model’s first few months in the U.S., and it’s now sitting on the auction lot waiting to be sold.

What’s even more notable than the collision plague these gunmetal Type Rs are apparently facing is how well this one held up. The auction listing said this damage was from a collision, obviously, and it looks like a hard one at that. But everything behind the front end looks to be in perfect condition, especially the driver’s compartment.


The driver’s side took most of the hit, and passenger airbags did not go off. But, destroyed front end and all, just look at how unfazed the car appears to be—even if you total a car, knowing how much it protected you from has to make you feel good about a purchase:


(Jalopnik confirmed that the driver and former owner of the car, who said it held up well during a wreck that could’ve been far worse, is OK.)

The auction listing has no odometer reading since it won’t start, but the car didn’t get to see nearly as many miles as it deserved. Pour one out for this poor soul, which will hopefully become someone’s next rebuild and one day log miles once again.


And how about a toast to the collision safety of modern vehicles, too, while you’re at it.


Hat tip to Paulo!

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