This Might Be The Rumored 700 HP Ferrari 488 GTO Way Before You're Supposed To See It

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Last week, it was rumored that Ferrari may be planning an insane 700 horsepower 488 GTO, and now a strange striped Ferrari 488 seems to have leaked.

Whatever this mystery Ferrari is, its front end is a significant enough departure from the vanilla 488 to suggest it’s a superior performance model, but there’s no concrete information on what the car in the photo is called just yet. All we know is this image has been going around, and it’s conveniently timed with those 488 GTO rumors.


According to the rumors from last week, this car was shown at a private event and is said to feature the “most powerful” Ferrari V8 ever and may be called the “special sport series” instead of GTO.

Here’s a normal 488 for comparison: