Crazy Rumor Says The Ferrari 488 GTO Will Have 700 HP And Outrun A LaFerrari

Pictured: a Ferrari 488 GTB
Pictured: a Ferrari 488 GTB

Alright, so here’s a wild and fun rumor that we heard: The upcoming Ferrari 488 GTO will be faster than a LaFerrari. Does anyone need a car that fast? That’s not the point, buddy!


The word comes from a site called FerrariPhotoPage, which shares some information about the car from unnamed sources. It reports that one of its sources was part of a private viewing of the car yesterday and admits that it’s not positive that the car will wear the GTO moniker, as most of the slides on the photographed presentation say “sport special series.”

But anyway! Here’s what their source said about the mysterious new car:

  • The “most powerful V8” that Ferrari has ever used, which leads FPP to surmise that that means at least 700 HP
  • Engine is 10 percent lighter than the one in the 488 GTB
  • A unique sound
  • A racing interior, like aluminum floor panels and no glovebox
  • “Highest utilization of carbon fiber on a range car”
  • Active rear spoiler
  • A “new race gearshift strategy”
  • “Extremely direct steering ratio”
  • New Michelin Sport Cup 2 tires

FPP thinks that the new car will be shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Guess we’ll have to wait and see until then. You can have a look at their photos here.

Does a LaFerrari-beating mid-engined V8 Ferrari seem plausible to you? The 488 GTB came out in 2016, but it already has a juiced-up version in the Challenge. But, grainy photos from FPP show something that definitely looks 488-esque, so maybe it is an even more dialed-up version of the 488. Or it isn’t. But it’s definitely one of those two possibilities.

Despite taking this whole thing with a massive grain of salt, we’ve reached out to Ferrari for comment and will update if we hear back.

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Drakkon- Most Glorious and Upright Person of Genius

I’m still in the camp that they need to bring back GT1 and make and manufactures homologate 50-100 road cars. And charge a million dollar premium over the car’s price and tell the baron and the emir that they are contributing to the racing dominance of the brand and the premium is a badge of honor.

And then really go race cars like this. Or the 720s. I’m not calling GTE cars watered down, but the delta between what the rules allow versus what the OEs can sell on the street is diverging.