Two Suspects Arrested In Times Square Mercedes Burnout Incident That Injured Cop

Photos credit NYPD/Video Screencap
Photos credit NYPD/Video Screencap

It turns out that if you’re going to do something extraordinarily stupid in a car that results in a cop being injured, one of the busiest and most surveilled places in America isn’t the best place to try it. Two suspects have been arrested in connection with Sunday evening’s Times Square burnout and hit-and-run of a New York City police officer, an incident that garnered widespread attention in the car community and in the national media.


The New York Post reports that Arfhy Santos, 20, and William Lopez, 24, were arrested Wednesday evening after police identified them as the duo in the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG that did a burnout in Times Square and then ran over a police officer. That officer, Ian Wallace, suffered minor injuries and is expected to fully recover, the Post reports.

Here’s the now-infamous video in case you haven’t seen it:

The paper reports Lopez owns the car while Santos was the one driving. A third individual in the car is being sought as a witness, police said. The car itself, however, remains at large.

Police said the two men are part of a Bronx car club and are said to have criminal histories. From the story:

“Based on past actions of these two people, they don’t just give up, they don’t just surrender,” [Manhattan Chief of Detectives William] Aubry explained. “They try to escape — and they use a vehicle as a weapon to do so. That’s in their history that we looked at. They use whatever means they have to flee that scene.”


Charges against the two men were still pending as of Wednesday night.

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