We Want To Show Off Your Best Instagram Posts With #DriveFreeOrDie

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We here at Jalopnik are pretty proud of our Instagram feed. We love to show off what we’re driving, what we see on the street, and the occasional manufacturer photo of a Mitsubishi Pajero getting massive air. But there’s a whole world of Instagram we’ve been neglecting, and that’s where you come in.


We feel like we’re neglecting, well, all of you.

To remedy this, we’re now going to highlight our favorite Instagram posts from you fine folks in an article every week. We want to see the crazy stuff you find on the street, your grimy project cars, your freshly-waxed daily drivers, and anything else cool or interesting you come across.


This isn’t a competition, because you’re all already winners. Instead, we’re just going to pick a few Instagram posts from our followers using the hashtag #DriveFreeOrDie to highlight in a post on Friday every week.

We want to see more of the cars, and we want to hear more from you. Use the hashtag, show us what’s up, and we’ll share some of the highlights. Just be cool and make sure to only use your own pictures! Keep it about the cars! And don’t forget the hashtag!


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You know, I realize this is a ploy to grow the gram channel but Im not even mad. You’ll probably be seeing some stuff from me. Thank you for not doing a promotion where I have to get 2 other people to follow you to be entered in some BS contest.