This Unholy Child Of A Miata And A Snowmobile Is Your New Winter King

Shut down the internet, everybody: I have found the world’s greatest Miata.

The friendly canucks at Eppic Industries made Mazda’s humble little droptop into a lifted “Offroadster,” and that in itself is a thing we love. Take a car that’s meant for pavement, lift it, add big tires, and make it apocalypse-ready.

But what if that apocalypse involves nuclear winter after everybody blew each other up? If the radiation doesn’t get to you first, Eppic tested what sounds like the perfect solution: make your grade-A battle car into a snowmobile.


Eppic took two skis from an old snowmobile and put them where the Miata’s front two wheels would usually go. Add a big tongue sticking out of the front, and conquer winter.

Sort of.

They admitted they ran into a few flaws with the build, one of which—the addition of a freshly rebuilt and delightfully neon 1UZ-FE V8 engine—has already been fixed.

Either way, I hope they revisit the “Miata snowmobile” idea soon. I, Jalopnik’s infamous hater of Miatas, can’t even turn my nose up at this idea. It’s like a more comfortable snowmobile. We’ll all probably have to hunt radioactive sasquatches for survival soon, and this is clearly the best way to do it.

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reverberocket is nipping the apex..and gently blowing in it's ear.

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