Mitsubishi Instagram Ad Shows The Outlander DOMINATING At Least Three Inches Of Rock

Have you ever been driving along, happy and content, when you found that your way was blocked by some insurmountable obstacle, like a pair of stacked mid-size city phone books, or perhaps a shoebox full of sand? If you’re like most people, you probably slammed on your brakes and, you know, died there. Too bad you didn’t drive a Mitsubishi Outlander, according to this Instagram ad!


Aw, hell yeah, Outlander! Look how that Plug-In Hybrid EV charged right the fuck up to that sheer, nearly four-inch wall of raw, unforgiving rock and straight-up dominated it. 

Sure, that Outlander or any other car or even a person, perhaps wearing boots, or maybe shoes or flip-flops could have accomplished the same fantastically bad-ass act of EARTH DOMINATION, but we have photo evidence of it happening right here:


Just try to find something it can’t climb right over: a small pyramid composed of three pool noodles? Easy. An inverted wok on a stack of eight yoga mats? Please. A parking barrier? Probably, but it may cause some damage to the plastic underbody there.


Another bang-up job, Mitsubishi. Please excuse me while I go buy some Outlanders right fucking NOW.

(Thanks, Jordan!)

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