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Sometimes Cars Do Explode Like In The Movies

The fire department on the island of Walney in the Irish Sea got an alarming reminder that, sometimes, life really can be like the movies. But not in a good way. Cars don’t generally explode, movie-style, unless they’re fueled with LPG, as you can see in this video from the Walney Fire Station:


Yikes! That’s a hell of a boom.

What’s kind of maddening are some of the comments to this tweet, like this one commenter who doesn’t like that hybrids were hashtagged in the post:

Illustration for article titled Sometimes Cars Do Explode Like In The Movies

I mean, yes, the explosion was from a pressurized liquified petroleum gas tank, not a hybrid, but the point of the post is that new car technologies like LPG cars and hybrid/electric vehicles carry with them new and significant dangers to first responders like firefighters.

So get a grip, buddy.

And stay safe out there!

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