A Ton More Small Mercedes Crossovers Coming Because Gas Will Be Cheap Always And Leases Never End

Are you tired of seeing small Mercedes crossovers everywhere yet? No? Great, because more are headed our way.

People are buying up these things like there’s no tomorrow. Last year, Mercedes sold 24,104 GLAs and 48,643 GLCs, according to its sales figures.


Indeed, Bloomberg described the appetite for compact crossovers as “voracious” and reports that, in response to the excellent sales, Mercedes will. Add. More. Models.

Britta Seeger, who heads up Mercedes’ sales and marketing, told the outlet in an interview,

“We see strong demand across our SUV range. We have more ideas to add new products to our portfolio, though maybe not so much at the upper end of the SUV range for now.”

Excellent, really excellent. Why wouldn’t we keep buying them? Gas is going to stay cheap forever. Personally, I can’t wait to see all the new models that Mercedes will magic out of thin air and then mix them up because they all look the freaking same.

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