Fight Crime In LA With This Near-Perfect KITT Car Replica From Turo

All image credits: Turo

Everyone is tripping over themselves to create the first autonomous car, but they forget that Wilton Knight already designed it in 1982 in the form of KITT. And here’s your chance to drive an awesome replica.

I’ve seen some questionable KITT replicas floating around on the internet, but this one doesn’t look bad at all. It actually looks pretty damn close to perfect. Available from Turo at $175 a day, the inside is where the party is.


The listing reads:

It’s got a fully functional dash with talking KITT voicebox, CD/MP3/Bluetooth stereo, T-Tops and of course, the famous red LED scanner on the nose.

Look at this dash! Look at it!


You have to be at least 30 to rent it, but check all of these additional features!


The only thing I don’t see there is the Super Pursuit Mode. The listing suggests that the car is perfect for birthdays or weddings, but let’s be real: this bad boy is for fighting crime and chasing perps.

Someone rent this thing before I do.


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