Illustration for article titled I Got All New Life Goals When I Saw This Rally Porsche On A Frozen Lake

I probably don’t need to tell you guys this, but frozen lake/ice driving is super fun! You should definitely go do it if you get the chance. And doing it in a very expensive Porsche 964 rally car? I’ve got some new goals after seeing this.


Automotive brand/shirt/video people The Hoonigans headed up to Wisconsin to drive a custom-built Porsche 964 Safari by Kelly-Moss Road and Race. The car has a supercharged 3.8-liter flat six that puts out around 450 horsepower. It has a lightweight flywheel and clutch.

It is worth a lot of money. It’s an air-cooled 911. Of course it is.

Anyway, the guys at the shop don’t baby the car on the ice, so why should anyone at The Hoonigans? The fun starts at around the video’s seven-minute mark. Watch it. Feel the jealousy course through your veins. Listen to the supercharger screaming in the cabin.

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