Watch The Russian Navy Pull A WWII-Era Tank From The Bottom Of The Sea

Around 13 years ago, the site of the sinking of the U.S.S. Thomas Donaldson, a World War II-era transport ship, was discovered in the Barents Sea on Russia’s northern coast not far from their borders with Norway and Finland. In the past few years, the Russian Navy has pulled the tanks the ship was carrying from the water, shooting some remarkable video in the process.

The Donaldson sank on March 20, 1945, after taking a torpedo to its engine room that came from a German U-Boat. Sixty-nine crew members survived the sinking, while three died.


According to the Daily Mail, the ship is about 180 feet beneath the water’s surface, not far off shore of Kildin Island. A tank was first pulled from the wreckage in 2014, though this video appears to depict a different, later salvage. The Donaldson was carrying three tanks in total, in addition to over 13,600 tons of cargo, food, and ammunition.

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I want someone to take a laser cleaner to that tank. This is such a satisfying thing to watch: