These Are Your Worst Stories Of Getting Ripped Off

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CountersteerYour true stories of good and bad things that happen in cars.

Issues with cars don’t usually live on the surface. It takes careful inspection, or a bit of ownership, before you realize something is off. Sadly, this can lead to people getting more heartache than they bargained for.


Last week, I asked you guys about the worst times you got ripped off when buying a car. Maybe it was a sketchy seller. Maybe the car was just bad and nobody knew it.

What was universal here, though, was that most of you acknowledged that you were young, dumb and didn’t do enough research. Failure is the best teacher, as the saying goes.

300ZX Turbo (Elemental83)

The car left.


That Damn Nissan (petekill)

Getting rid of the Saab was the real loss here.


Secrets Inside (Ecklesiastik)

Ahhhh man.... sometimes you walk away from the used Audi.


Rental (LTT)

He did it, he bought a used rental car.


Friends (Rustholes-Are-Weight-Reduction)

What’s quite an agreement.


Always Ask (CodyVella)

Asking too many questions can be a good thing.


Pics On EBay Looked Great (Umoja)

Not letting it die, though.


First Time (Kaiser Khan)

Many lessons were learned.


“Restored” (JamesRL)

Hook, line and sinker.


No Rust, Please (bmw325_num99)

Guess what he found.


Wait... (Teh Penguin of Doom)

Uber lost out that day.


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