What Do You Think Will Happen In The World Of Cars In 2018?

 Image credit: Ken Saito
Image credit: Ken Saito
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Now that we can wash our hands of 2017, we can also finally take a good, realistic look at 2018 and what it will bring for cars. Twelve months is a long time, so what kind of developments do you think they’ll bring to the automotive landscape?


Personally, I think we will start seeing more car subscription programs, like what Volvo and Cadillac have got. Especially if the automaker throws in perks like covering car insurance and maintenance. That, for sure, will be a big draw for people.

I hope that semi-autonomous technology will start to make its way down to more affordable cars, instead of being a plaything for the wealthy, like it is now. Last year, only Nissan put semi-autonomous tech into a car that normal people buy; the 2018 Rogue

I also highly doubt that we’ll see a flying car this year, but who knows what could happen in this crazy, crazy world.

What do you expect to see?

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