The New Toyota Supra Will Finally Debut At The Geneva Motor Show: Report

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Hello, and welcome back to the exhausting news cycle surrounding the alleged upcoming all-new successor to the Toyota Supra. Today’s update comes from Auto Express, which claims the new car will debut at the Geneva Motor Show under the Gazoo Racing brand.


The myth of a new Toyota Supra may finally be coming to a climax with a debut in March, and AutoExpress claims to have the details. Supposedly, the new Supra comes with four different models or trims including the base Supra, GR, GR Sport and GRMN, allegedly with a broad spectrum of performance defining each model.

Here’s more about Toyota branding the car under the Gazoo Racing name from the Auto Express report:

“The Supra will be by Gazoo,” the performance division, Shigeki Tomoyama, told Auto Express late last year. The news comes after it transpired that the Gazoo Racing team became more heavily involved in the car’s development – after Toyota president Akio Toyoda tested the vehicle and decided it needed to be “more mobile”. Prototype cars have since been given more of an edge to what was a fairly benign initial set-up.

The report also reiterates stuff we’ve heard before, like that the Supra will be hardtop only while its BMW counterpart will be convertible only, and that the two models may have different engines.

Obviously we should take this report with a heavy dose of skepticism, but it’s at least refreshing that the Supra rumormill is finally shifting into reveal hints, meaning we may actually get to see this thing uncovered in the near future. Let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint.

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$40,000 and probably optionable to $55,000 or so? Just like in the ‘80s, it’s more of a mid-level Camaro/Mustang option and not so much an IROC/GT competitor. But with today’s power from sixes, maybe more competitor than we think. And just like the ‘80s, if it’s reliable and fun to drive, it’d make a cool toy that doesn’t break often.

But since I’m 48 now, I think I’ll opt for the $60k everything package including high hp engine options (if any). But then again, a 2020 Bronco or GMC Jimmy would also be cool as hell. Love choices...