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Did You Know That Last Year 89,470 Americans Bought A Dodge Journey?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We’re still wondering why.

It is fundamentally the same exact car as the one that went on sale in 2007.

You can buy literally any other car. FCA itself sells a variety of other small crossover-y things that are much newer and better.

Amazingly, the total figure of Journey buyers in 2017 is even higher than the 89,470 of us Americans who picked one up. It climbs to 103,215 if you count Canadian sales, per GoodCarBadCar. We don’t have figures for other international markets (such as, say, Mexico) so the total figure is a troubling unknown.


When I first noticed how many people bought the Dodge Journey, I thought it was clearly just people who made bad decisions. We all have that one friend that continuously makes horrendously wrong decisions, even when faced with two options where one is clearly the better and wiser choice.

Yes, you can get one with three rows of seating. Yes, you can get one with a 283-horsepower V6 and all-wheel-drive. Yes, you can get one with a TV screen for the back seat. Yes, you can get an 8.4" touchscreen in the dash and navigation and seats and all that for just $33,825. And from an “intellectual” standpoint, that’s a Good Choice.


But is it? Is it really? Because at the end of the day you’ve got a Dodge Journey. That’s like going out and deciding what food to eat not by what is most delicious, or what is most nutritious, but by the maximum caloric value.

“Oh yes, I like to eat at the Cheesecake Factory because that is the only way I can guarantee 8,000,000 pounds of food-like product will go into my face at every meal,” you say.

And it’s not just me that has contempt for the Dodge Journey. Dodge itself hates the Dodge Journey. Here’s just how much contempt they treat buyers of the Dodge Journey with:


Yes, if you want it in off-white/beige nonsense, you’ll be getting a color called “White Noise.” As in, monotonous. Bland. Specifically designed to put you to sleep.

And then they charge you $500 for the privilege.

Did you buy a Dodge Journey in the past year?

We do not want to hear from you. You are clearly deranged.