What Are You Looking Forward To Most From The Detroit Auto Show?

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The 2018 Detroit Auto Show kicks off this weekend, with a lot of potential for some big reveals, and just as much potential to be a big disappointment (as with every auto show).


We’ve already generally gone over what the staff here at Jalopnik is expecting to show up and what we’re excited for. The new Ranger seems like a lock, and it will be interesting to find out what exactly Ford has planned for its great return to the U.S. market. There’s also some other goodies probably up Ford’s sleeve, and no, I don’t mean the odd little Edge ST.

There’s also the new Ram, which has already leaked, but there’s that lingering potential for Jeep to show up with a truck of its own and overshadow its stablemate. I don’t personally think Jeep has any big plans for Detroit, but as Ford once proved with the GT, automakers do have the capacity to surprise us.

GM is bringing its new Silverado, but there’s also the definitely-maybe real mid-engine Corvette that’s been spied and teased pretty much constantly since the 1960s. Chevy could want to be the showstopper in its home town, but I don’t think it’s likely.

Infiniti is bringing its new sedan concept, Lexus might have some new crossovers or SUVs, Mercedes is bringing its new G-Wagen, Hyundai’s new Veloster might finally show, and BMW and Volkswagen will probably have some premieres.

So what do you hope to see from the show? Anything radical you’re holding out for?

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Looking for a quality wagon (it will be lifted like the Allroad, unfortunately) that can handle decently but provide the space my wife/family need, and that’s reliable.

Oh well, waiting for 2019...