Keying Somebody's Car Is Just About The Worst Thing You Can Do

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He’s right, some do say it’s art, but this looks more like revenge. And taking out your vengeance by taking a car key to somebody’s paint job? That’s, like, one of the worst things you can do to a car.

Images uploaded to Ward Lemmens’ Instagram recently show a Lamborghini Huracán Avio (another special edition Huracán) in Belgium all keyed up. His posts don’t clarify why this happened, so this could have either been personal revenge or just some random person who decided to go ham with some keys. It could be a terrible YouTube prank in the making for all I know.


Of all the car vandalism you could commit, keying the one of the worst. It’s lower down on the list than slashing tires or smashing out a headlight. Keying a car is a drawn-out activity. It takes conviction. It’s not a quick blow to the car, like busting out a window. Whoever took a key to this Lamborghini had some time on their hands.

After your car has been keyed, you can’t just buff that shit out. Most of the time, the damage has cut through the clearcoat and gotten down to the sheet metal. Once that’s exposed, it’s only a matter of time before rust starts settling in. Which means that repairing the damage involves repainting, which is very expensive.


Look, sometimes you get mad at people. That’s totally normal. Sometimes you want to mess with that person because you’re angry. Revenge-type stuff. I can’t stop you from having those thoughts, but I can tell you that these thoughts shouldn’t lead you to key someone’s car.


h/t to Wouter and via Motor1