Baby Driver was 2017’s car-chasing love story, complete with a main character who was really good at driving cars during robberies and whose name we didn’t learn until the end of the movie. Until then, everyone, including his girlfriend, knew his as nothing more than “Baby”—and they sure did say it a lot.

Baby himself doesn’t talk much in the movie because of tinnitus, the chronic ringing in his ears that leads him to spend most of his time listening to music. But that didn’t stop everyone else in the movie from trying to talk to him, and in a lot of cases, made them want to bother him more.

Harrison Jeffs on YouTube managed to compile what he claims to be all of the times people said the word “Baby” in the movie. We can’t exactly confirm that without watching the entire thing again, but Baby Driver director Edgar Wright shared it on Twitter, so it must be alright.

Put some beats behind this video and it could probably be a pop song.