Don’t pretend like you’re above watching a school bus full of children slide out-of-control on ice. Nobody was hurt, and the motion of the long bus is almost graceful as it glides down the traction-free road. Also, the voiceover in the video is somehow just right:

There’s only six individual words actually spoken by the person who shot the video, and I think the very last thing she says in the video is somehow perfect.



This all happened in Sutton, Massachusetts, when schools were opened under the belief that all the roads had been treated. Unfortunately, this one bus arrived in a neighborhood at 7:10 am, before the road treatment trucks had a chance to arrive.

The result was the bus drove onto a skating rink.

Luckily, that Toyota was there to stop the bus’ sideways progress. Damage to the bus and car were minor.


The mailbox, however, is not expected to recover.

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