Nameless Hero Braves The Blizzard In A Drop-Top Mercedes SL

Image: NBC10/Facebook
Image: NBC10/Facebook

Someone in Rhode Island decided to venture out during the worst of this past week’s “bomb cyclone” that pummeled the North East. This would be quite an undertaking in any vehicle but one nameless resident decided that the perfect car for their winter trek would be a Mercedes SL with the top down.

Everyone knows that a rear-wheel drive convertible is ideal for blizzards. A local NBC affiliate showed footage that was sent in of the unknown winter warrior struggling to get their handcrafted piece of German engineering through the massive amounts of snow.


As of now, we don’t know much about the driver of the SL or if the convertible top was broken or not. We do know that they are now a legend and seem to have little care for atmospheric conditions. I say drive on, nameless Mercedes SL owner, the world needs you.

H/T to Carscoops!

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This is not a hero. This is someone frantically trying to buy milk, bread, and eggs with a r129 whose hydraulic top actuators are (typically) broken.