Volkswagen Is Doing Color Right For A Change

You know how I’m always complaining about the lack of color for cars? How sick I am of living in a drab, monochrome, colorless automotive world? Well, I sure as hell can’t complain about what Volkswagen is doing for the Golf R, because, color-wise, they are bringing it. Well, in Canada at least.

Just look at all the glorious color options you get when you’re specc’ing out a Golf R in Canada:


Holy crapples, that’s, what, 35 colors! And real, vivid colors, not just shades of black and gray and white called shit like Anthracite Nightsoil or Alabaster Expulsion or Pewter Malaise.

When I try to spec a car on the U.S. site, I get this:

What the hell, VW? Five colors? Wait, I mean two colors, and three neutrals. Why do the Canadians get all those colors and not us? Let’s check the UK:


Hm, better, we have nine colors, but still nothing close to Canada! What’s going on here? Who decides this stuff? I’m going to have to follow up on this in a bigger story, because now I’m curious.

Let’s see what they get back home, in Germany:


The full spectrum. Figures.

The fact that it’s the Golf R, being a specialty, performance car, that gets so many colors fits my theory: interesting car colors are only for the extreme low end of the market or for the extreme high end/niche cars. Basically, you’re either too poor to care what people think, too rich to care, or having too much fun.


(Thanks, Thomas!)

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