You think you’re all “cool” with your Bugatti Chiron and its nine miles to the gallon. Feh! Feh, I say. What does that have, a mere 1,479 horsepower? Weak. What you need is a Saturn V rocket.

UPDATE 1/11/2018: It has come to our attention that this comment, rather than an original one devised by a particularly clever reader, was apparently plagiarized from one originally published on StackExchange in 2015. We take the issue of plagiarism extremely seriously here at Jalopnik, and this awarding of COTD is hereby revoked. The original post continues below.

The Saturn V, with its 138-foot-tall S-IC first stage, generated 7,600,000 pounds of thrust. Seven. Point. Six. MILLION. Of course, with that kind of power behind you, you’re going to get ever-so-slightly worse fuel economy than your local Ford Festiva, as blogname123 points out:


That’s impressive. Almost as impressive as all the math.

Congrats, blogname123, on both your COTD win and your 5.1 inches per gallon. May you one day be so fortunate as to see the stars up close.