Russian Guy Crashes Armored Personnel Carrier Into Store, Steals Wine, Flattens Daewoo

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Look, we’ve all been there: It’s late and we get a hankering for some wine, but sadly there isn’t any in the house. Time to make a wine run. Somebody grab the armored personnel carrier.

A resident in Apatity, Russia (near the top of Finland and north of the Arctic Circle) this week, stole the vehicle from a driving school and “went on it to ride around the city,” reports local news outlet Hibinform.


What driving school has an APC, we really have no idea.

Witnesses said that he seemed drunk when he “proceeded to slam the [armored personnel carrier] into the window of a convenience store,” wrote Reuters. He managed to crush a Daewoo as well, which could or could not be considered a crime.

The Russian outlet wrote that he then entered the shop he’d smashed and stole a bottle of wine, which was later found in his possession when he was arrested.


I have no idea what led up to this, but at some point he must have looked around at the vehicles available to him and decided than an armored people carrier with a continuous track was the perfect thing for a late-night booze run. Personally, I would like to find the driving school that stocks APCs.

It seems like no one was hurt, thankfully. And never drink and drive, APC or no APC.

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