Mother Nature has been another kind of mother to to California lately, first with the intense, state-wide wildfires and now, with the coming of intense rains, California is having to deal with flooding and mudslides. Combine mudslides with windy, hilly neighborhood roads, and you get things like this, where a Prius becomes a river ride.

Burbank Firefighters Local 778 shot the video of the Prius sliding down the road, and posted it to Instagram:

The video was shot in Burbank, where the surge of muddy water carries the Prius down the street like a raft on a whitewater expedition.

The owner of the car posted his own video right after the wild ride:


No car handles well when carried downhill by a torrent of muddy water. The combination of landscapes denuded of vegetation by wildfires and torrential rain is a very dangerous combo, so be careful out there, my Californian pals.