Things Go Surprisingly Wrong For Driver At Bank Drive Thru

Watch the brake lights as this Kia Sorento takes off from a drive-thru ATM in Rockford, Illinois two days before Christmas. They never come on, even as the car hits a berm, goes airborne and bunny hops another car.

This is why I’m always skeptical when people say their cars accelerated without their control, or that their car plowed forward even when they were on the brakes. More often than not it’s a case of mixing up your pedals and keeping your foot glued in place in panic.


It’s not clear if that’s exactly what went down here, but that’s certainly what it looks like. The only information we have is from the YouTube uploader Robb Brilbeck’s video caption:

I saw a flying car at the bank in Rockford. Dec 23, 2017 at 10:10 AM. I recorded this on my dash cam. I didn’t think this was possible! In 1080 HD video.

The local Rockford Scanner posted another photo of the beige Hyundai over which it leapt, but no details on the Kia driver’s condition. We’ve reached out to the poster of the video hoping for more information, and will update you if we find otu anything

Hopefully everyone is okay, and please remember to stay calm and don’t hit the gas while you’re rooting around in your car for something.

(Hat tip to James!)

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.


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The Rockford Scanner website looks like it’s from the stone age.