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4/29/2022 - Former Racer JC Perez Jailed In $109 Million Medicare Fraud Scam

4/29/2022 - An Incredible 203-Mile 1987 Buick GNX Is Looking For A New Home After Sitting For Years

4/29/2022 - 16 States, UAW And Others Sue USPS Over Mail Trucks That Get Garbage Gas Mileage

4/29/2022 - Air France Flight Briefly Lost Control When Both Pilots Tried to Fly at Once

4/29/2022 - Catherine Bond Muir Is Ready To Ride The W Series Wave Into America

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4/28/2022 - Formula E's Gen 3 Racer Is A 200 MPH Triangle

4/28/2022 - Ducati Will Build An Extra 100 Hypermotard 950 RVE Just For The U.S.

4/28/2022 - GM Factory Workers in Mexico Make $3 an Hour and Want a Raise

4/28/2022 - Ridge Racer Could Make A Return On PS5 As A PlayStation Classic

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4/24/2022 - Pennsylvania's DOT Is Hiding Bridge Inspection Data From The Public

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4/21/2022 - Sir Lewis Hamilton Enters Bid To Buy Chelsea FC From Sanctioned Russian Oligarch

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4/18/2022 - IndyCar's Team Penske Learned I Was Getting Married Before My Parents Did

4/18/2022 - GM Has A Patent For A Student Driver Car Without An Instructor

4/18/2022 - BMW M1000RR Loses To A Flying Rock At The 24 Hours Of Le Mans

4/18/2022 - Baffled By Dieselgate, Emails Reveal Fiat Chrysler Struggled With Revamped Emissions Tests

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4/18/2022 - New, Somehow Even Dumber Convoy Commits Felony By Blocking One Of Many Entrances To Disney World

4/18/2022 - Leaky Fuel Tanks Could Delay NASA’s Return To The Moon

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4/17/2022 - Kyle Busch Wins Bristol Dirt Race After Final Corner Collision

4/17/2022 - Parked Car Rolls Across Road Into A River In Latvia

4/17/2022 - Chinese Astronauts Return To Earth After 183 Days In Space

4/17/2022 - Stellantis Announces Deal To Use Qualcomm Technology In Its Vehicles

4/16/2022 - Racing Will Return To North Wilkesboro Speedway

4/16/2022 - An America's Cup Team Is Developing A Hydrogen Chase Boat

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4/15/2022 - Staten Island Ferry Bought By SNL Stars Heads Out To New York Harbor And Its New Home

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4/15/2022 - MGF Roadster, Ford SVT Mustang Cobra Mystichrome, Oldsmobile Super 88 Holiday: The Dopest Cars I Found For Sale Online

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4/15/2022 - Elon Musk's Twitter Games Are Making Investors Nervous

4/15/2022 - Passengers Beg To Leave JetBlue Flight After Rocky Emergency Landing

4/15/2022 - Autonomous Roborace Car Immediately Drives Into Wall

4/15/2022 - West Coast Formula E Race Would Be ‘Epic’ Says Mitch Evans

4/15/2022 - The Toyota Supra Is Finally Getting A Manual Transmission

4/15/2022 - The New Need For Speed Sounds Really Out There

4/15/2022 - What’s the Worst Manual Transmission You've Ever Driven?

4/15/2022 - Haas F1 Won't Repay Uralkali's $13M Sponsorship Money

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4/14/2022 - Ford Is [Eventually] Taking The Ranger To Dakar

4/14/2022 - The Can Am Defender 6x6 Limited Is More Mech Suit Than Farm Implement

4/14/2022 - VinFast Is Serious About This

4/14/2022 - The GMC Centaur Concept Was A Pickup Truck Shaped Like A Vacuum

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4/14/2022 - Woman Stops Truck From Driving Into Landslide

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4/14/2022 - The Genesis X Speedium Coupe Is A Gorgeous Electric Future

4/14/2022 - Don't Forget to Clean Your Steering Wheel

4/14/2022 - Judge Reduces Tesla's Punitive Damage For Allowing A Racist Work Environment To Pocket Change

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4/14/2022 - Chicago's Former Mayor Once Destroyed An Airport Under The Cover Of Night

4/14/2022 - Florida Man Gets Two Years In Federal Prison For Stealing Golf Carts

4/14/2022 - Thousands Of Trucks Are Stuck At Texas-Mexico Border

4/14/2022 - Video Shows Youth Hockey Suffer Wrath Of 'Zamboni' From Hell

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4/14/2022 - Gas Prices Have Dropped For The Past Two Weeks, Sub-$4 Gas Only A Few Cents Away

4/14/2022 - What's Your Favorite Auto Show Memory?

4/14/2022 - Man Resists Arrest For Putting 'I Did That' Biden Stickers On Gas Pumps

4/14/2022 - NYC Subway Shooting Suspect Arrested

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4/13/2022 - Here's 16 Minutes Of Onboard Video Of A Mini Fighting Much Bigger Cars

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4/13/2022 - Europe Is Drilling Through A Mountain Range To Build The World’s Longest Rail Tunnel

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4/13/2022 - Even F1 Cars Can Be Brought Down By A $2 Part

4/13/2022 - Jeep Wagoneer L And Grand Wagoneer L Grow The Full-Size SUVs By A Foot

4/13/2022 - Tesla Is Asking For Roadster Donati...Reservations Again

4/13/2022 - What Should I Do If I'm Way Over The Miles On My Lease?

4/13/2022 - Red Bull Guest House Is Back To Give Classic F1 Parties A Modern Spin

4/13/2022 - Rapper Offset Wants $950,000 Judgement Reversed Over Bentley He Claims He Didn't Steal

4/13/2022 - Pandemic Road Rage Is Experiencing An 'Explosion'

4/13/2022 - Minivan Driver Flees Hit-And-Run With Motorcycle Still Attached

4/13/2022 - Gas Prices Are Driving Highest Inflation Rate In 40 Years

4/13/2022 - Honda Is Buying Its Way Into EV Segment With $40 Billion And 30 Electric Models Globally By 2030

4/13/2022 - What Car Is Too Long?

4/13/2022 - NASA And Nissan Teaming Up To Develop Better Solid-State Batteries

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4/12/2022 - The Mazda Miata Is Invincible

4/12/2022 - Jenson Button Joins Xite Energy Racing For Full Nitro Rallycross Season

4/12/2022 - Zone Out To A 1,914-HP Rimac Nevera Gliding On Ice

4/12/2022 - Nissan Brings Sick New Wheels To New York, Also A Refreshed Leaf Too If You’re Into That

4/12/2022 - Lamborghini Has ‘Big Footsteps’ To Follow As It Looks To The Future

4/12/2022 - You Can Import A Tiny Camper To Turn Your Kei Truck Into An RV

4/12/2022 - What Do You Want To Know About The New Range Rover?

4/12/2022 - Repeat Assaults On The USPS In Santa Monica Stop Mail Delivery For A Whole Neighborhood

4/12/2022 - The Mysterious, Disputed Birth Of America's Greatest Supercar

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4/11/2022 - EV Trucks Save 1.5 Times As Much CO2 As Electric Cars

4/11/2022 - Turtle-Into-Windshield Collision Gives Stark Reminder Of The Grim Reality Of Mario Kart

4/11/2022 - Cop Admits To Playing Copyrighted Music Through Squad Car PA To Keep Videos Off YouTube

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4/9/2022 - Airbus And Boeing Are Split On Using Russian Titanium

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4/8/2022 - Congress Grills Big Oil Execs Over Price Gouging At The Pump

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4/3/2022 - Beijing Motor Show Postponed Until Further Notice

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