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The Lincoln Star Concept Has the Zaniest, Most Over-Engineered Frunk in the History of Cars

It's a frunk with a sunroof, and that's not even the strangest part.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A render of the Lincoln Star concept car with its front trunk open.
Is this the front trunk of your dreams?
Image: Lincoln

The ingredients for a great electric concept car are as follows: an angular silhouette, oversized aerodynamic wheels, 1,000 screens, and a front trunk. The new Lincoln Star concept has all those features, but takes its frunk design to a whole other level.

We should be used to the idea of a frunk by now. The front trunk on many electric cars is a great way to add extra storage to the unused space where an internal combustion engine might have previously sat.


Over the years, this has included minuscule cubbyholes big enough for a handbag in cars like the Porsche Taycan, to EVs like the Lucid Air that claim to have the biggest frunk of them all.

Now, Lincoln has gotten on the action with its Star concept. The new EV design study is said to “set the stage” for the introduction of three new all-electric cars from the brand between now and 2025.

A render of the Lincoln Star electric concept car.
Angular design and super-sized rims, this must be an EV concept.
Image: Lincoln

And, as you’d expect, it packs in a pretty neat, angular design; ample screens throughout the cabin; and four very large, very aerodynamic looking wheel rims. Lincoln ticked all the EV concept car requirements perfectly.

But things get really interesting at the front end in the unused engine bay.

Rather than simply lining the old engine bay, Lincoln has over-engineered its new storage space to perfection.


The hood hinges up horizontally, rather than in the traditional pivot you’d find on any normal car. So it’s already looking pretty cool. Then, the front grille can also slide forward to reveal an extra storage drawer.

When it’s fully opened up like in the picture below, it looks a bit like Lincoln strapped a collapsible sun deck onto the front of its car. I love it, imagine being able to lay out there to catch some rays or spot shooting stars?


But there are more treats yet to be uncovered in this frunk of dreams.

A render of the Lincoln Star concept car with its doors, hood and trunk open.
The Lincoln Star frunk looks like a nice place to be.
Image: Lincoln

Built into the hood is a panel of electro-chromatic glass. This, Lincoln says, can change from opaque to transparent when a current is passed through it.

The firm says this will allow light into the storage bay when you’re driving so that you can check on your valuables. But, when parked, it’ll turn opaque to keep all your secrets safely hidden.


Sure, the car’s design looks nice and the cabin looks like it’ll be a lovely place to be. Oh, and there’s no yoke in sight. But, this impressive front trunk is the real star of Lincoln’s newest concept.