Lincoln's EV Plans Are Getting Clearer

Sources claim to know what Lincoln’s EV plans are.

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Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring Plug-In Hybrid
Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring Plug-In Hybrid
Image: Lincoln

Lincoln is still trying to get your attention. While the North American head of the luxury brand recently said a lot about nothing regarding the brand’s plans to go electric, we may finally have a glimpse into what those plans are. Sources close to those EV plans spoke to Reuters and gave a little insight into what to expect from Lincoln in a few years.

Lincoln is set to get some of that sweet $30 billion EV investment Ford announced late last year. Sources claim that we should expect to see no less than five, all-new, all-electric models from Lincoln by 2026. And no, none of those plans include any sedans if you were thinking that Lincoln might bring over the handsome new Zephyr from China.

The first of these new EVs to go into production will be an Aviator-sized crossover that’s coming in ‘24. From Reuters:

The first of the new Lincoln EVs, a large crossover about the size of the Aviator, is slated to begin production in late 2024 or early 2025 at Ford’s Oakville, Ontario, plant, as part of a $1.5 billion changeover from combustion-engine to battery electric vehicles, two of the sources said, citing the automaker’s plans shared with suppliers.


According to sources, replacements for the Corsair and Nautilus are coming and that they’ll be built at the same plant as the Aviator-sized EV. While details are still being hashed out, the sources said to expect those crossovers to go into production by late 2025 or early 2026.

What’s surprising is that these crossovers are rumored to ride on a version of the Mustang Mach-E’s GE1 platform. This platform is a heavily modified version of Ford’s C2 platform which underpins everything from the Bronco Sport, to the Maverick, to the Euro market Focus.


Sources also share that the largest EV in the Lincoln lineup will be an electric companion to the Navigator and it’ll ride on the F-150 Lightning’s platform. This vehicle is “scheduled to go into production in 2026.” Expect to see Lincoln transition into a maker of premium electric vehicles before the decade is done as Ford attempts to chase Tesla for market share.