Ford also thinks that its commercial offerings will be taking in $45 billion by 2025, or almost double the $27 billion it took in in 2019, thanks to a new business called Ford Pro. Oh, and batteries, Ford has big plans for its batteries.

Vertically integrating battery technology with an extensive range of EV batteries – IonBoost lithium ion; IonBoost Pro lithium iron phosphate for commercial vehicles; and long-range, low-cost solid-state batteries based on Ford’s own engineering and know-how from Solid Power, in which the company holds an equity stake, and

Forming a joint venture, BlueOvalSK, with SK Innovation to manufacture battery cells and arrays at two plants in the U.S. for future Ford and Lincoln vehicles.


Ford is continuing to pitch itself as the anti-Tesla, in other words, an EV company that actually knows what it’s doing and knows how to make money doing it.

Ford CEO Jim Farley had called today his “coming out party,” since he’s only been in the job since October. In the end, the coming out party was long and fairly boring, it must be said. But that, too, is anti-Tesla.