This Video Of An Out-Of-Control Cadillac XTS Climbing Two Cars Is Mind-Boggling

A Florida man in a Cadillac XTS reversed out of a bank parking lot, onto a main road and ultimately onto the roofs of a VW Jetta and Dodge Journey. The video showing the out-of-control car driving backwards through an intersection and onto two other vehicles is just bizarre. Have a look.


This all happened on Monday in Hernando, Florida, a little over an hour north of Tampa, Citrus County Chronicle reports. The local news website describes what went down, writing:

A male driver backed out of the SunTrust drive-through over a curb into County Road 486, according to Citrus County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Jodi Sanders.

Sanders said the driver then cut the wheel and continued to reverse around the curve...


In the video below, you can see the Cadillac reversing out of a bank and around a bend through an intersection. Then the car hops a curb and crashes into and on top of two vehicles in the parking lot of the same bank. It’s a weird thing to watch:

Police were still investigating the cause at the time that the Citrus County Chronicle reported its story on Monday, and more recent articles from other outlets also mention that the cause is still unknown. No injuries were reported, according to the Citrus County Chronicle.

What a classic Jalopnik “Florida Man” post. It had been too long.

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