My brother and I jumped our charger over a police car using a dirt ramp once-

The song says “Never meaning no harm,” but then they’re driving around with that particular roof graphic. I have to wonder what their definition of harm is. Plus, legend says they harmed hundreds of Chargers.

Submitted by: sklooner

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Slantnose Sins

Slantnose Sins

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Photo: Steve DaSilva

I learned to drive stick on my dad’s 1994 Porsche slantnose. That’s the most expensive smelling clutch... ever? Yeah. That’s my sin. Forgive me, I repent.

Beyond the cost, I can’t imagine a slantnose is an easy clutch to learn with. Though, if you could get the hang of that, I’d imagine you can now drive almost anything.

Submitted by: Shane Morris